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Boost your Steam hours played

Increase the hours played on your Steam games using our 24/7 online servers.
Custom-built web idle control panel you can access from anywhere

We never run out of steam

  • No downloads (Even the games you idle)
  • Use Steam as you usually would while idling
  • VAC Safe (Steam allows idling)
  • Idle on up to 32 games simultaneously
  • We support EVERY Steam game
  • Quick and easy support (Even through Steam!)
  • We've been around for over 8 years!
  • Just minutes from registration to your first idle

Create your account and start idling in minutes

Idle many Steam Games at once, 24/7

Team Fortress 2


Ark: Survival Evolved






For Honor


Dota 2


1 Month of Subscription
2 Months of Subscription
3 Months of Subscription
31 days

Arma 3




Rocket League


Football Manager 2017


Rainbow Six: Siege


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Garry's Mod


Civilization V




24 hours
1 week
31 days
1 year
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you could have gained hours

...idling on 32 games at the same time

You cannot gain hours faster than time itself!

Your idles run forever on our servers

Turn off your computer and your idle will continue

Turn back on
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Me (Jack)

Jack | Owner of for 8 years

I've been running since 2015. My Steam account is #1 in the world for hours played on many games on Steam.

I respond to all my customers 1 to 1 via Discord: Admin#9999. If you have any questions I'll be there to help.

What our users think

Thoughts directly from users

Easy to use and Works well
4 days ago
Bloody brilliant saves me from having a secondary up and running with steam open with games in the background I wish I found Steam Idler sooner plus it saves on the electricity!
4 days ago
It's very good
4 days ago
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Why boost your hours?

Users boost for many reasons

  • Boost the hours on your second account to match your main
  • Turn your Steam account into a chat bot
  • Boast to your friends / strangers
  • Get access to that clan you've always wanted to join
  • Gain Steam Trading Cards from idling games
  • Create rare accounts with thousands of hours played
  • Use the many other features of
    AutoResponder, Card Farmer, Custom Game Names, Chat Logs, Hide recently activity, AutoAccept Friend Requests with logs, Steam Chat Bot, and even more...

Idle your Steam Game's Hours Played 24/7

+ Analyze detailed statistics on your idles

Idle & turn off
your computer

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