Everyone’s favourite feature, AutoRestarter will automatically restart your idle using your previous idle settings if Steam goes down for an update or after you have finished playing a game.

Simply enable this feature in your idle configuration on your control panel and you will never need to load up the control panel again. Everything will run automatically like magic!

Runs out-of-the-box using Email Authentication, simply enable it and we will do all the work. Even works with Mobile and Desktop Authentication after you extract your shared_secret code.

  • Restarts automatically using your previous idle settings
  • Checks every so often if you are not playing a game
  • It's so easy it requires no input required from you after enabling
  • Don't worry about manually restarting your idle if Steam goes down for updates
  • Once you finish your game everything will start back up again on its own
  • Works with Email and Mobile authentication (Mobile requires shared_secret)
  • This is an optional feature when you run your idles
  • Available on all packages

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