You have the option to enable a feature called “Save Chat Logs” which allows you to read through your own messages you receive from your IdleSteam control panel. This is great if you are away and don’t have Steam but do have access to log in to your control panel maybe through your phone or another computer.

Not only is this useful for reading your latest messages, it is also very useful as a log of your message history. You can read through your message history and recall what a person said to you or confirm some information you may have forgotten. If you are idling on many accounts it’s a great way to have a compiled list of all your messages together without having to log into each account and see what you’ve missed.

If a player you have removed or a user you have blocked sends you a message, you will still get the message appear in your logs even though it won’t show on Steam native chat!

Steam does not offer a way to look through your message history so this feature alone is a great reason many people start idling their account.

  • Read through your message history
  • Compiled logs of all your messages from all your accounts
  • Access your messages from anywhere, even from your phone
  • This is an optional feature when you start your idle
  • Receive message from people you blocked or removed
  • Available on all packages

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