Manage your idles through Steam


Authorising your account with Stidler BOT

Before you are able to start running commands on our Steam Bot you must first authenticate your Steam account with your Stidler account.

Two things you will need in order to authenticate yourself:

  • Your SteamTimeIdler username (The username you use when you log in to this website)
  • Your API Key (Found in the settings page of your account)

Once you have these two sets of data you can now authenticate your account with our bot by using this command:

!authorise stidlerUsername e1e8d07-b59787f-18bfdc5-35fc6d9-570d8a1
(Replacing stidlerUsername and the API Key with your own)


Command / Example Description
!help Returns a list of commands
!request_add [message]
!request_add Hi, please add me. I have a question or two! Thanks
Forward a message to the owner to get in contact with you ASAP
!authorise [stidler_username] [api_key]
!authorise stidlerUsername e1e8d07-b59787f-18bfdc5-35fc6d9-570d8a1
Authenticate your Steam account to use commands against your SteamTimeIdler account.

Once authenticated, you will not need to authenticate yourself again unless you change your API Key or deauthorise yourself.
!deauthorise Remove authentication to this Steam account. (Another way to do this is to change the API key in your settings page)
!startidle [steam_username] [optional:Mobile Auth Code]
!startidle mySteamLoginUsername G5TYE
Start your idle
(Requires Authentication)
!stopidle [steam_username]
!stopidle mySteamLoginUsername
Stops your idle
(Requires Authentication)
!errors [steam_username]
!errors mySteamLoginUsername
Returns your most recent errors from your logs
(Requires Authentication)
!friend_requests [steam_username]
!friend_requests mySteamLoginUsername
Returns your most recent friend requests
(Requires Authentication)
!messages [steam_username]
!messages mySteamLoginUsername
Returns your most recent messages
(Requires Authentication)