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QDo I have to leave my computer on?
ANo, you can turn off your computer or Steam Client and your idles will happily carry on idling away on this website.
QWill I be VAC banned for not actively playing the game, also known as 'idling'?
AThe official Valve stance is: "No, you will not be banned for just idling. You may be banned if you use external programs to circumvent idle detection. See VAC FAQ."
QDo I have to stop my idle before I want to play a game?
ANo, just click play and if it says you're already playing click OK and it will override SteamTimeIdler. Once you have finished playing it'll start back up again by itself if you enable AutoRestarter.
QMy Steam hours are not showing on Steam after I've just started idling
ASteam can be slow to update sometimes. If you chose to appear online and you can see your account playing a game then your idle is running. Otherwise just give it a bit more time to register on your profile.
QCan I idle and keep it completely hidden from my friends?
AYes! If you click to appear offline when you idle then it will not show up to any of your friends and you can use steam as normal. You could secretly be idling on lots of games at the same time and nobody would even know!
QCan I idle on games I do not have installed?
AYes, but they must at least be in your library. If you are idling a F2P game but it isn't in your library, just click install once then stop the download and it'll be there
QCan I use two-step verification on my account?
AYes! We support all authentication types from Email to Mobile to Desktop authentication including earlyday low UID accounts.
QCan I idle on games I haven't downloaded to my computer? (Including all free games that aren't in my library?)
AYes! You can idle on all those games without needing to download or install anything. Thousands of potential games advanced from your library that you can idle on.
QHow many games does Steam Time Idler support?
AWe support every single game in the Steam library. The games list automatically updates every 3 hours for any new games that have been added to the market.
QCan I idle with the Steam client open on my computer?
AYes, you can use Steam as you always normally would. Once you start a game your idle will pause. It will auto-restart when you have finished gaming.
QWhat is AutoRestarter?
AAutoRestarter is a feature that will automatically check your account every 15 minutes and if you're not playing a game then your account will automatically start idling again with your previous idle settings.
QAm I allowed to idle on my Steam account?
AYes, Steam allow idling to exist by offering it through their own service. You cannot be banned for idling on your account.
QCan I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
AYou can now upgrade your subscription or extend it whenever you like. To downgrade please contact us
QHow many cards can I get per hour?
AIt all depends on how many games you have and how many you are idling on. You can earn a maximum of 3 cards per game. You also have access to hundreds of free games to get cards with. This is not designed for cards, it's designed for idling hours however
QWhat if I have an idea for an update or feature?
ALet us know in the contact form and we might use it!
QHow safe is my data?
AWe take security very seriously. Data is fully encrypted, we use HTTPS connection, have many systems in place to secure and lock down your information including salted and hashed passwords using blowfish and others
QWhy did my idle go offline?
AIf you are using mobile authentication then when Steam updates their services (Once a week or so) then your idle may not be able to auto reconnect. That's what AutoRestarter is for! Email auth users will be able to reconnect automatically.
QWhat is idling?
AIn regard to SteamTimeIdler, idling is where you allow us to sit for long periods of times with games of your choice open. This will increase your hours played on your games.
QDo you accept Credit Cards?
AWe do not accept credit cards due to fraud. You can pay using a credit card by having a PayPal account that is authenticated using a credit card.
QWhy is the maximum game limit 32?
AThis is the maximum limit Steam has set and it is impossible to idle anymore. There is no way around this.
QCan I boost hours on games I don't have in my library?
AThe game must appear in your library in order to idle them
QCan I idle Family Shared games?
AYes! You can gain hours on games that are shared to you through Family Sharing
QWhen do I get my upgrade after purchase?
AYou will get your upgrade instantly after you have paid using PayPal. If you use another payment method then it can take longer as it requires manual input from us. It depends on what method of payment you choose however.
QDo you accept PaySafeCard? (PSC)
AYes we do accept PSC. Once you have registered, go through to the upgrade page and you can select PSC and contact information will be given. If your PSC code is worth more than the package you are purchasing, you will receive extra days to make it fair.
QDo I gain hours when using the Custom Game option?
AUnfortunately you cannot idle game hours and use the custom game option so it has to be one or the other. It is made clear in the control panel when you select either
QCan I play games while I'm idling?
AUnfortunately you cannot play games and idle at the same time however if you enable AutoRestarter your idle will start right back up again once you have finished playing!
QWhat is the maximum number of games I can idle on?
AYou can idle on up to 32 games all at the same time if you have the blue package or higher. This is Steam's arbitrary limit
QCan I remove a Steam Account from my control panel / Idler list?
AYes you can remove your Steam account whenever you like. You can also change Steam account in the middle of your subscription.
QCan I download and idle at the same time?
AYes! You can use Steam as normal. Only when you start a game on your computer may your idle automatically stop
QHow do I stop idling?
AIf you have an idle that is running, to stop it you can click the config button and press 'Stop Idle' otherwise simply start a game and it will override your idle session
QWhen does Steam update?
ASteam tend to update their servers on Tuesdays. Mondays and Wednesdays are also common. Steam can update whenever they like so we suggest if you don't have AutoRestarter enabled, to check your idles every day just in case.
QDoes AutoRestarter work with EMAIL auth?
AAbsolutely, it works out of the box. Simply enable it in the AutoRestarter popup. Not setup required
QDoes AutoRestarter work with MOBILE auth?
AYes it does work, however, you must first extract the shared_secret code from your phone. This code will allow SteamTimeIdler to generate the auth codes when you aren't there and restart your idles. There are further instructions on your control panel
QWhat does Custom Game option do?
AThis feature allows you to make up any game name and show that you are playing it, like.... Half Life 3! However you won't be gaining idle hours on other games if it is enabled
QIs there any VAC risk?
ANO. Your account is completely safe - we will never offer any features that would risk your account. Idles do not run on VAC servers and no files are changed on your computer when idling as it all runs right here on SteamTimeIdler!
QCan I manage my idles from my phone?
AAbsolutely! Simply use your phone's browser and visit this website ( or and log in to your account.
QHow do I find the game ID of the game I want to idle?
AIf you are struggling to find it on game search you can manually enter in the ID of the game. In order to retrieve the ID, simply load the game in the Steam store and look at the URL. There will be the ID of the game :)
QCan I idle 2 accounts at the same time?
AYes! If you purchase red package or high you will be able to idle on multiple accounts at the same time
QHow can I delete my account?
AIf you would like to delete your account please make a request to the developer:
QHours are not showing?
AIt can take time for Steam to update. (Sometimes many hours) Give it some time to show through. If you are unsure still, make sure that the game IDs you are idling on match the game IDs that exsist on Steam!
QDo I have to have the browser open?
ANo! You can close your browser and your idle will continue to run! All idles run on this website
QHow long can I idle with the Trial?
AYou can idle for up to 6 hours in a day. If you want to idle for longer contact the developer:
QI'm online on steam but still not playing a game while idling.
AIf this is the case, check your account owns the game you are idling. (Make sure it exists in your library). If it doesn't, simply initiate the download and cancel it and you will be able to idle it. Otherwise check the game id is 100% correct!
QHow fast do I gain hours? Hour-rate?
AYou cannot gain hours faster than time itself. So if you idle on Rust for 10 hours you will gain 10 hours of playtime. However, on you can idle on up to 32 games at the same time. If you idle on multiple games they all gain hours together!
QHow do I get my shared_secret code?
AInstructions on how to do this can be found here: - if you need help then contact the owner:
QCan I delete my SteamTimeIdler account?
AYes, please contact our developer on Steam or fill in the contact form.
QHow do I start my idle?
AFollow this tutorial. :)
QCan I switch/change the Steam account I idle on?
AYes! You can remove and add other Steam accounts at any time throughout your subscription!
QHow do I delete my account?
AAt the moment this is a manual process, please contact us directly if you would like to have your stidler account deleted. You can remove your Steam accounts at any time.
QCan idle refunded games?
AUnfortunately you cannot idle refunded games once they have been removed from your Steam account.
QCan I idle the same Steam account more than once?
AYou cannot. You can have your Steam account on multiple stidler accounts but you can only idle the same account once at a time.

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