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  • Idle all games in your library without downloading them
  • There are no programs to download. Your idles run on this website

We support all Steam Authentication Types


VAC Secure & Safe

Your account is 100% secure from VAC using our trusted servers. We use no external programs to circumvent idle detection and never access nor use VAC servers.

Why IdleSteam is VAC Safe

  • We do not circumvent Steam's idle detection
  • We'd never release a feature that would risk your account (Such as an achivement unlocker)
  • Idles do not run on VAC servers
  • Nothing about your local environment is changed as idles run on this website


Steam allows idling as stated by them:

No, you will not be banned for just idling. You may be banned if you use external programs to circumvent idle detection. See VAC FAQ. - Steam

Your personal Control Panel

Manage your idles from your phone or anywhere in the world

Config Window
Control Panel

Additional Features

available on all packages

Detailed statistics

View charts, graphs and logs for your idles


Appear Offline and idle in secret

Secretly idle your account without anyone knowing

Message Responder

Set a custom message to respond
to your friends while you are away

Idle a custom game

Type in any Non-Steam game name you
want to display on your profile

AutoAccept Friend Requests

When you receive a friend
request, automatically accept it

Save your chat logs

Never miss a message while
you are asleep or away


We'll restart your idles automatically
using your previously saved settings

Invite Responder

Set a custom message reply if
someone invites you to play

AutoAccept Group Invites

Accept any Group invitation you receive

Steam Bot

Manage your idles
through our Steam Bot

Takes just minutes from registration to running your first idle