If you receive a friend request on Steam you have the ability to automatically accept them. You also have the option to only accept if the user is over a specific Steam level.

You have a full log you can view of who has sent you friend requests, whether it was accepted, whether they have a VAC ban, their steam level etc.

It’s as simple as ticking to enable this feature when you start your idle. You then can choose what your minimum level will be before automatically accepting.

This feature works great with AutoResponder… someone can add you, be automatically accepted, send you a message and you automatically respond with your chosen message. All information can be viewed on your control panel!

Additional New Feature: We have now given you the ability to send a separate custom message after automatically accepting a friend request!

  • Accept Steam user's friend requests
  • Set a minimum Steam level before accepting
  • View logs on who has sent you friend requests
  • Send an automatic custom message after accepting
  • This is an optional feature when you run your idles
  • Available on all packages

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